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High school is the place where teens get their pre-trial of what "adulthood" might look like. It's not quite college, where you live an independent lifestyle and are responsible for every facet of your existence. But it's certainly more than middle school.

Given that high schoolers are starting to dip their toes into what the "real world" might look like, they should be exposed to the "real world", right? Learning how to do your taxes, understanding global conflicts and international relations, staying up to date on the newest technological and societal advances, and being an overall aware member of society should be some of the things that high schoolers learn about. Yet that isn't what high school focuses on.

Through HS Revamped, I hope to share with you everything that you won't learn through your average classroom experience. Right now, I know the most about college admissions, so I'll be posting about that a lot for now. But, as I traverse my own college journey, I hope to share some of the knowledge that I get as well. After all, time is the most valuable commodity, and knowledge is the second.

So, look around; I hope you find something that'll help you on your college-admission journey or, more importantly, in life in general!

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Chalkboard Drawings
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