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Ali Ansari

Stanford Class of 2025

Team: Our Team

Who Am I?

I'm somebody who went through what you're going through. Either you're just about to start high school, you're preparing to get out of high school, or you're somewhere in the middle. Wherever you are, I want to help.

I went to Sage Hill School in Newport School, CA, and I was primarily known as "that debater kid". You would find me in all the public-speaking clubs, which was pretty much debate and Mock Trial by junior year.

For college admissions advice, you might be wondering, why should I listen to what this guy says? You should first ask yourself whether the advice works for you, because that is what matters most. But, to answer that question, I did have a bit of success applying to colleges. I ended up getting accepted to some of the top colleges, including Stanford, Princeton, Columbia, Brown, Dartmouth, Cornell, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Georgetown, Vanderbilt, and others. I clearly ended up getting fairly lucky during the admissions decisions time, but I hope this provides a bit of credibility to what I'm saying: I wouldn't be investing time in this website if I didn't think that what I was saying was reliable.

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